What's this all about?

A Pinoy web developer's blog. His thoughts, opinions and experience. Not strictly web-related though. May vary from tech things to any random thought. But nothing emo here... I hope.

A bit personal

Welcome to my blog. I'm Rolan. My online friends call me Ditchx. I'm currently working as Freelance Web Developer in oDesk. I'm a Geodetic Engineering graduate from the University of the Philippines (Diliman). Licensed, yes. But not practicing. I'm really interested in programming. Actually, I entered UP as a computer science student and was able to survive right before the thesis year. But then, few technicalities forced me to change my course. Never mind the details.

After I graduated, I was invited by my college buddy at the company he was working in. They were in need of PHP developers. Good thing I had enough time to familiarize myself with the language. I was able to pass the exam (I might post it someday) and started my career as a web developer in 2006.

A bit technical

I've been using PHP since early 2006. I could say that my knowledge on the language is average, but I'm trying to learn more and improve more. I'm quite familiar working with the following:

I also had the chance to use javascript at work:

Not really in to design stuff, so I use the following for a quick and decent-looking web app:

I might not be always available for work, but please do checkout my oDesk Profile for more info on what I do.