Update screws extensions

I was really interested with Joomla as an alternative for web publishing. It was really easy to understand and use (plus the admin panel rocks, imho). Then this update for Joomla came up, related to high-risk security vulnerabilities affecting all the past versions of Joomla. I have read the warnings about the update being incompatible with some extensions but I went on upgrading anyway. All was running smoothly when I stumbled upon the upload part in the admin panel. It was telling me I was not authorized the view/use th upload page (on the pop-up window). What the??? I am the super admin and the only user (I tested it on a localhost to make sure I don't screw up the site on our test server). Then when I started using other extensions, they we're giving me several warnings. Some of them I was available to work around, but most of them had something to do with Joomla's inner workings so I didn't messed with it (yet). Only two extension were left (barely) working.

Awww... man. Just when everything with Joomla looked promising. Well, I'll be waiting for more updates and fixes regarding those extensions.



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